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    Health and Safety Investigations and Notice of Contravention

    Have you been the subject of a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation or action? If so, we understand that you will be concerned about your business and any personal liability. We recommend that you instruct an expert defence team as soon as possible.

    As a business owner or employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. Failure to follow the legislation and meet these obligations can lead to serious legal and financial consequences. If you are facing a health and safety investigation or have received a Notice of Contravention (NoC), it is essential to seek legal advice to protect your interests.

    Tanveer Qureshi has gained a reputation as one of the leading barristers representing individuals and organisations in both criminal and civil health and safety law cases for those who have been subjected to HSE investigations. Tanveer has been instructed in a wide variety of cases both in the Crown Court and Magistrates Court. Recent cases have involved issues such as corporate manslaughter, asbestos breaches, fire regulation compliance, concrete pump exclusion zones and consideration of the CDM regulations. Tanveer can assist where you are based and is on hand to discuss your circumstances and defence strategy. He has regularly been instructed in high-profile cases and as well as being mentioned in the media, alongside receiving excellent client testimonials and recommendations from legal directories.

    We understand that you will want swift legal advice, as even minor breaches can result in lasting damage to your business and serious breaches could shut your business down or lead to your disqualification from being a director for a set period of time.

    Instructing your HSE defence team

    You can instruct Tanveer Qureshi directly without the need for a solicitor. This can be one way of helping to manage legal representation costs. It maybe after speaking with you, we recommend that your defence needs are best accommodated by instructing Tanveer via a solicitor. We will be able to explain the most cost-effective and practical strategy after reviewing your case details.

    Instructing a barrister directly is called ‘direct access’, as you can come directly to a barrister for legal representation. There are many benefits to this approach and to find out more, please visit our direct access page.

    Telephone Discussion

    To discuss your circumstances and for a quote for legal representation, please contact us on 0203 637 2190. Alternatively, you can use the contact form or WhatsApp link for urgent legal advice. To book an appointment for a discussion you can also email Tanveer directly on and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    What is a Health and Safety Investigation?

    Health and safety investigations are an essential tool for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for employees and that both employers and employees comply with health and safety legislation.

    Investigations are conducted by the HSE when a workplace accident or incident occurs to identify any hazards and potential risks to the health and safety of workers that could be the cause of the accident.

    During a health and safety investigation, the inspector will typically conduct interviews with employees, review documentation such as safety policies and procedures, and inspect the workplace environment for hazards.

    Notice of Contravention

    If an investigation reveals that a company or individual has breached any health and safety regulations, a notice of contravention may be issued. Receiving a notice of contravention can be a serious matter, as failure to comply with the requirements outlined in the notice can result in fines, legal action, or even a prohibition notice to cease trading activity.

    It is important to take immediate action to address the violation and urgently seek legal advice to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

    Why instruct TQ Legal?

    We understand how to deal with the regulators and authorities in challenging HSE investigations and Notice of Contravention matters.

    We can provide crucial support and guidance throughout the process. Our unrivalled experience in health and safety law can help you:

    1. Understand your legal obligations as health and safety laws can be complex.
    2. Respond to an investigation including providing representation during interviews with inspectors, reviewing documentation, and negotiating orders or recommendations.
    3. Challenge a notice of contravention and defend your interests.
    4. Develop a comprehensive compliance plan.

    Tanveer has an enviable reputation for successfully representing clients in complex and serious matters and will protect your interests from the outset.

    View the above video to find out more about instructing Tanveer directly.

    Recent Cases

    CONCRETE PUMP 2023, Southwark Crown Court

    Tanveer represented the company and director. Fatality arising from the operation of a concrete line pump at a construction site, it was alleged no proper exclusion zone was set up and nor was a pig catcher used to catch the ball. In the course of the trial, Tanveer attacked the credibility of the crown’s expert and the expert conceded he had failed to adhere to his obligations as an expert report and had only taken into account his duty to the prosecution. The jury were directed to place less weight on the expert report than they ordinarily would have

    Environmental Waste/ Fly tipping 2023 – Successful appeal against conviction, Manchester Crown Court

    Tanveer represented the company and director against allegations of fly tipping. Tanveer argued the company could avail itself of the defence of reasonable excuse on the basis that the local authority should have but failed to follow up multiple complaints of nuisance, The court accepted the argument – defendant acquitted.

    CDM Regulations, dispute as to who was the employer and who was in control of works, Northampton Crown Court 2023.

    Tanveer represented the contractor in a case also involving company and directors. Roof works were commissioned by the company and in the course of the works a worker fell to his death. During the trial, the company and the director, represented by senior counsel and city law firms sought to blame Tanveer’s client for the dangerous works. Following trial, Tanveer’s client was the only defendant found Not Guilty of all charges

    Ongoing corporate manslaughter allegation arising from a fatality at a construction site, Birmingham Crown Court

    Historic Cases include:

    1. Fee for intervention challenges
    2. Food safety allegations
    3. Fire regulation offences

    Reputation & Media

    Tanveer has often been featured in the media, including the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent to name but a few.

    Having represented individuals, company directors and businesses for almost 20 years in serious legal matters, he has earned a reputation for delivering successful outcomes for clients often in difficult circumstances and against the odds.

    He has also been highly recommended in prominent legal directories such as The Legal 500 with feedback including such quotes as, He, in my opinion, is a master tactician and grasps the most pertinent aspects of a case immediately”.

    How to make contact

    We can support you wherever you are based and understand that you will want urgent legal advice and assistance.

    To discuss your circumstances and for a no obligation quote for legal representation, please contact us on 0203 637 2190.

    Alternatively, you can use the contact form or WhatsApp link for urgent legal advice. To book an appointment for a discussion you can also email Tanveer directly on and he’ll get back to as soon as possible.

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