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    Fixed Fees

    Tanveer usually charges according the complexity of the case and the length of time involved in dealing with it. There will generally be a significant cost saving in instructing a barrister directly under the public access scheme rather than through a solicitor. Please bear in mind not all cases are suitable for public access and where a solicitor is required, Tanveer is ideally placed to recommend appropriate and competent solicitors.

    Tanveer will agree a fixed fee for each piece of work that you ask him to undertake and in accordance with his code of conduct will require this fee to be paid in advance. Unlike solicitors, barristers cannot hold monies on account. There are no formal scales of fees for Tanveer’s work, but he will generally charge a standard fee for certain types of hearing or work that he does regularly.

    Where the fee relates to a hearing, Tanveer is normally entitled to the fee, whether or not the hearing goes ahead. If that is to be the case, Tanveer will tell you. You may, if you wish, try to agree a different basis for payment of the fee in such a case.

    Where it is not possible to agree a fixed fee in advance, you should ask for an estimate. It may also be possible for you agree that there should be a “ceiling” on the fee charged for a particular piece of work.  Where a fee is not fixed in advance and the work involves the production of paperwork (for example, the drafting of a contract), Tanveer may nevertheless require you to pay for the work after he or she has completed it and before releasing it to you. If that is to be the case, Tanveer will tell you at the outset.

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