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    Direct Access

    Many people are unaware that following key changes in the law in 2004, members of the general public seeking legal advice or representation of any kind can now instruct a Barrister directly, without the need to first engage the services of a Solicitor. 

    Direct Access Overview

    As a barrister based in London, I can be instructed directly on any matter which falls into my specialist areas; these include:

    Business to business fraud

    Business to business fraud is hot on the radar of regulatory bodies such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).  Being investigated by a regulatory body on suspicion of fraud or having a civil claim brought against you can devastate your professional and personal reputation as well as threaten your liberty.  The prosecution or claimant often has considerable time to plan their first steps and will use Search Orders and Asset Freezing Orders to intimidate you.  With my vast experience in defending fraud cases and supporting those faced with regulatory intervention, I can anticipate and frustrate potential attacks.  I am used to working in high-pressure situations and will put in the hours required to protect your best interests and ensure you have a tactical advantage.

    Advertising and marketing law and investigations by the Advertising Standards Authority

    Being accused of misleading advertising is a serious risk faced by organisations, especially in the sphere of online advertising and influencer marketing.  I can provide expert advice, opinion, and representation on complying with advertising regulations, GDPR compliance in direct marketing, and defending accusations of misleading or offensive advertising.

    Health & Safety

    The fines attached to health and safety prosecutions have rapidly increased over the past two years.  In addition, the custodial sentence for gross negligence manslaughter has also become easier for judges to hand down.  I can provide first-response assistance should a health and safety incident occur, assist with managing responses to HSE investigators questions and interviews under caution, provide advice on pleas, and ensure you and your organisation receive robust representation if a prosecution is brought.

    Professional disciplinary proceedings for accountants, solicitors, and dentists

    Finding yourself subject to professional disciplinary proceedings can severely impair your peace of mind and make it almost impossible to concentrate on business at hand.  I can take the problem over for you, providing strategic advice and representing you in interviews and being present during searches of your office.  Getting legal advice from the outset can be critical to the outcome of any regulatory inquiry.  Often, I can shut down an investigation well before it goes too far, minimising lost productive time, stress, and reputational damage.

    Financial regulatory investigations (FCA, SRA, HMRC etc.) and internal investigations

    Regulator information requests and regulatory investigations can lead to expensive, reputationally disastrous prosecutions.  I can provide an emergency response, assisting with eDiscovery to extract the information required to satisfy regulatory requests (but ensuring not too much is delivered which may trigger an investigation), be present at interviews under caution, and manage internal investigations where anomalies have been discovered.  I will take the stress off your shoulder, providing you with the confidence you have an experienced barrister dealing with the matter and protecting your best interests.

    Road traffic law

    If you have clocked up too many points on your licence or are facing a serious charge such as drink driving or careless driving causing death, I will provide a robust, direct defence on your behalf.  I understand your career and reputation may be seriously at risk; therefore, I will provide tactical advice on how to plea and examine the behaviour of law enforcement officers and take advantage of any procedural errors which may lead to charges against you being dropped.


    Most of my clients instruct me on a private basis; however, in limited circumstances I will accept legal aid instructions.

    Saving costs by instructing me directly

    Instructing a barrister directly under the public access scheme rather than through a solicitor can lead to significant cost savings.  For a start, you are paying for one lawyer, not two.  Also, because barristers are independent and therefore generally have fewer overheads than solicitors, their rates are often considerably lower.  In addition, by instructing a barrister directly, you can negotiate the significant benefit of agreeing fixed fees for specific pieces of work, such as the giving of advice or legal opinion, managing an investigation and/or representing you in court.

    To discuss how I can directly advise and represent you, please contact me on 07487 550 525 or email

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