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    Insolvency Claims

    Those whose business is facing serious financial problems regularly feel overwhelmed and consumed by worry and fear.  As an experienced barrister of 15 years, I regularly act for individuals and companies facing insolvency-related issues.  I work closely with insolvency practitioners in the UK and internationally to advise on formal and informal arrangements with creditors.  My objective is to ease the burden off your shoulders and put in the hard work required to ensure my clients receive the best outcome so they can move on with their lives. So, Find an Insolvency Practitioner now!

    There are many insolvency options available to help rescue you and your business. Insolvency Practitioner helps you resolve your debt issues as efficiently as possible. So, contact Insolvency Practitioner today!

    Insolvency Claims Lawyer

    I represent and advise on:

    • Administrations
    • Asset tracing and recovery
    • Bankruptcy
    • Claims against directors
    • Voluntary arrangements for individuals and companies
    • Director disqualification
    • Liquidations
    • Receiverships
    • Restructuring and refinancing
    • Winding up petitions
    • Wrongful and fraudulent trading
    • Antecedent transaction claims involving wrongful preferences, transactions at an undervalue, and transactions alleged to have defrauded creditors

    Why does insolvency become contentious?

    Parties involved in insolvency may be pursued by a creditor or Insolvency Solicitor who often try to recover payments made to Directors including directors’ loans, salaries, and bonuses.

    Directors and others may face liability claims regarding the company’s debts or claims of wrongful or fraudulent trading. This could result in director disqualification proceedings being issued and even a criminal investigation.

    Insolvency Solicitor explains all of the insolvency options open to you to enable you to make an informed decision as to which option you wish to follow. Find an Insolvency Practitioner to resolve insolvency issues.

    I advise on obligations and duties to implement an effective strategy to mitigate risk, resolve disputes and secure the best outcome for our clients. Find an Insolvency Practitioner to get expert legal advice. Being one of the best Insolvency Practitioners in London, I assure confidentiality and key advice on the protection of your interests.

    Whether the insolvency involves a UK company being affected by a parent or debtor company abroad, or foreign creditors are pursuing individuals and businesses in the UK, Insolvency Solicitor
    will help protect you and your business. So, find one of the best Insolvency Practitioners in London for your business now!

    Directors face numerous responsibilities in an insolvency situation and these are governed by the Insolvency Act 1986.  The most important principle is that when it becomes clear or ought to be clear that the company will inevitably fall into insolvency, a director’s duty switches from making the business profitable to one of minimising potential loss to creditors.

    Therefore, to avoid insolvency becoming contentious, it is imperative to seek expert legal advice from one of the best Insolvency Practitioners in London as soon as you realise insolvency may be a possibility. Find an Insolvency Practitioner today!

    Failure to disclose assets in a bankruptcy situation

    I have robustly defended clients accused of failing to truthfully disclose assets in the event of bankruptcy. Often the Trustee attempts to assign ownership of an asset to the bankruptee when in fact they lack a beneficial interest in the asset. Being one of the trusted Insolvency Practitioners in London, I will work with forensic accountants and other experts to swiftly produce evidence that no ownership exists. Contact an experienced Insolvency Solicitor today!

    Wrongful Trading and Fraudulent Trading

    I have vast experience in advising and representing clients in wrongful trading and fraudulent trading accusations and claims.  My reputation for successfully beating these types of claims at court and my ability to immediately ascertain weaknesses in the other side’s case means most of my clients benefit from an early settlement, allowing them to get on with their lives.
    Choose one of the best Insolvency Practitioners in London to know your legal rights.

    As a barrister with in-depth insolvency law expertise, I can also represent directors who have been disqualified and wish to make a director disqualification permission application. Call professional Insolvency Solicitor at 07487 550 525 and Find an Insolvency Practitioner for a free, no-obligation discussion.

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