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    The law is my passion…

    As a barrister with almost 20 years’ experience in regelation and criminal corporate defence, you can be confident that from the moment of instruction, I will work tirelessly to protect and promote your best interests.  I have immense empathy for business owners and company directors facing the everyday challenges of regulatory compliance whilst achieving sales and growth targets.  Therefore, my first priority will be to develop an understanding of your business and the market culture in which it operates in.  This, coupled with my experience, ensures I stay one step ahead of the investigators/prosecutors and have the knowledge to construct a winning strategy to safeguard your business and reputation.

    A swift response and fast action

    Specialising in regulation and corporate crime, I am based in London, I can move quickly around the country to provide an emergency response if you are arrested for a white-collar crime such as fraud or your organisation is being investigated for a regulatory breach. The key to a successful outcome in any legal matter is to swiftly gather your advisors so they can sift through the available evidence and build a robust defence. My starting objective is to avoid prosecution occurring at all; however, if court action proves inevitable, you can be confident that I will have prepared from the outset of the incident.

    Having advised and represented both large and small organisations and their directors/senior management in regulatory investigations, I understand how easy it can be to feel confused and nervous when answering questions, producing documents etc. By instructing me, you can be assured that I will be at your side and diligently represent you throughout informal and formal interviews. You will never need to worry about inadvertently saying something against you and/or your organisation’s best interests.

    Other interests

    Outside of practising law, I love motorsport, particularly Formula One. In my spare time, I advise and support the W Series, the world’s first female motorsport competition. I also enjoy running, ancient history, mountain climbing and flying planes.

    Media Coverage

    Fraud Case in the Daily Mail
    Fraud Scam Case in the Metro
    Car Theft Case in the Birmingham Mail
    Drug Case on the BBC
    Mortgage Con Case in the Express & Star
    Terrorism Case in The Telegraph
    The Guardian Logo
    The Sun Logo
    Fraud Case on the Express
    Terrorism Case in The Independent
    High Profile Terrorism Case in the Mirror
    Terrorism Case in the BBC

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    If you require legal representation regarding a corporate crime or regulatory matter, please contact me directly on 0203 637 2190 or through my Chambers – 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square Gray’s Inn, London, WC1R 5AH

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