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    Account Freezing Orders

    Account Freezing Orders (AFO)

    Are you the subject of an Account Freezing Order (AFO)? If so, we understand that you will be concerned about your finances and access to funds. We recommend that you instruct an expert defence team as soon as possible.

    Tanveer Qureshi has gained a reputation as one of the leading barristers representing clients who have been subjected to an AFO. Tanveer has had considerable success in challenging interim orders, applying to release funds to pay for month reasonable living expenses, business expenses and legal fees. It is important to bear in mind that such proceedings are civil in nature even though they take place in a criminal court. Expert advice is essential. Tanveer can assist where you are based and is on hand to discuss your circumstances and defence strategy. He has regularly been instructed in high-profile cases and as well as being mentioned in the media, alongside receiving excellent client testimonials and recommendations from legal directories.

    We understand that you will want swift legal advice, access to urgent funds for certain expenses and a plan to try and remove the AFO as soon as possible.

    Instructing your AFO defence team

    You can instruct Tanveer Qureshi directly without the need for a solicitor. This can be one way of helping to manage legal representation costs. It maybe after speaking with you, we recommend that your defence needs are best accommodated by instructing Tanveer via a solicitor. We will be able to explain the most cost-effective and practical strategy after reviewing your case details.

    Instructing a barrister directly is called ‘direct access’, as you can come directly to a barrister for legal representation. There are many benefits to this approach and to find out more, please visit our direct access page.

    Telephone Discussion

    To discuss your circumstances and for a quote for legal representation, please contact us on 0203 637 2190. Alternatively, you can use the contact form or WhatsApp link for urgent legal advice. To book an appointment for a discussion you can also email Tanveer directly on and he’ll get back to as soon as possible.

    Unfreezing your money – next steps

    AFOs can have a serious impact on your personal or business life. Without access to finances either in person or online, your direct debits and standing orders will be cancelled alongside any ATM access.

    We can help you make an application to access funds for specific purposes. You may also be invited to an interview where you will be asked questions about your account activity. Remember to speak to us before you agree to attend any interview or answer any questions.

    We understand you will require funds to pay for family life, legal representation and mortgage payments. Often a suspicious transaction can cause a long delay in access to your accounts, evening with legitimate explanations.

    Some accounts may be frozen for a number of days and others may be blocked for months or years, so it is essential to receive legal advice as soon as possible so we can contest the AFO.

    Your bank will often not let you know any information due to regulations around money laundering and suspicious activity reports.

    What is an Account Freezing Order (AFO)?

    An AFO stops the holder of a bank account from accessing or making payments from a bank account. This provides authorities with powers to tackle a range of potential criminal offences.

    Authorities use Account Freezing Orders and other mechanisms to help against financial crime. Authorities are often looking to recover funds from the proceeds of crime by using these orders.

    All that is required is reasonable suspicion to freeze your account. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) authorities can confiscate assets thought to be obtained by means of criminal activity and fraud.

    Often innocent individuals have their accounts frozen and you should apply for the release of your funds as soon as possible. Third parties may also have funds tied up in account and may need to make an application to help release those funds.  

    An AFO could turn into a ’Notice for Forfeiture’ which is where you have 30 days to set out your objections, after which the court will consider whether funds in the account originate from unlawful conduct or may be used in criminal conduct. The court may then decide that those funds can be forfeited.

    Criminal proceedings may also be instigated at the same time, so it is extremely important to seek urgent legal advice on your circumstances.

    Why instruct TQ Legal?

    We understand how to deal with the authorities in challenging AFOs and Proceeds of Crime matters.

    Tanveer has an enviable reputation for successfully representing clients in complex and serious matters and will protect your interests from the outset.

    Recent Cases

    Tanveer has regularly been instructed in case where he is asked to make applications, including

    • Setting aside the application
    • Variation of the application
    • Negotiation and settlement
    • Final forfeiture hearing

    Recent cases include

    1. Successfully opposing HMRC application for forfeiture order £400,000 returned to client, Leeds Magistrates 2023
    • Successful variation of Account Freezing Order to allow company to withdraw reasonable business expenses each month of £4,000, Leicester Magistrates court 2023
    • Successful objection to continuation of interim freezing order, order set aside on the basis that the police were unable to demonstrate reasonable suspicion that the money in the account represented criminal property, Basildon Magistrates court 2023
    • Settlement of £1M account freezing order with Greater Manchester Police resulting in an agreement as to how much should be returned to defendant, 2024

    Reputation & Media

    Tanveer has often been featured in the media, including the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent to name but a few.

    Having represented individuals, company directors and businesses for almost 20 years in serious legal matters, he has earned a reputation for delivering successful outcomes for clients often in difficult circumstances and against the odds.

    He has also been highly recommended in prominent legal directories such as The Legal 500 with feedback including such quotes as, He, in my opinion, is a master tactician and grasps the most pertinent aspects of a case immediately”.

    How to make contact

    We can support you wherever you are based and understand that you will want urgent legal advice and assistance.

    To discuss your circumstances and for a no obligation quote for legal representation, please contact us on 0203 637 2190.

    Alternatively, you can use the contact form or WhatsApp link for urgent legal advice. To book an appointment for a discussion you can also email Tanveer directly on and he’ll get back to as soon as possible.

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